High Rotation Accuracy Crusher Machine Parts Aluminum Bronze Copper Nut

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SEAMOUNT
Certification: CE
Model Number: OEM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Customized according to product size export wooden case free of fumigation
Delivery Time: 5-30
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 50000 Ton/ month
Material: Bronze Brass Copper Process: Centrifugal Casting
QC: 100% Inspection On Critical Dimensions Size: Customized
Color: Nature MQQ: 50/kg
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slide bush bearing


flanged bronze bushings


Mass Supply Of High Rotation Accuracy Copper Nut Aluminum Bronze Copper Nut


During the processing of copper nuts, the pressure to push the metal is not continuous, resulting in the formation of the copper sheath skin layer more than once, but the edge position of each skin layer is different. Some edges of the previous skin layer are not covered by the latter one, resulting in strip-shaped depression.

When filling, the gas is squeezed between the metal flow and the wall of the cavity and is not excluded, which is called a depression. The concave surface is bright and clean, which often occurs in the cavity where it is difficult to exhaust, while the copper nut is on the edge of the end.

The hot spot part of the copper nut is filled up (there is a cavity inside). Although the skin layer has a certain strength when it contracts, it still suffers from the internal contraction effect and the surface presents a depression under the condition of not breaking, which is called shrinkage cavity. When packing, the gas is squeezed on the metal flow and the surface of the cavity wall, so there is no depression. Concave surface finish, more difficult to discharge in the cavity, and the end side of the copper sleeve.


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The copper nut has good temperature resistance, stable performance and can be used for a long time. Different insulation materials have different temperature ranges. The unit weight is small, generally not more than 600kg / m3. Small bulk density, not only low thermal conductivity, but also can reduce the support of thermal insulation pipeline.

The copper nut has certain mechanical strength, which can meet the construction requirements. Generally, its compressive strength shall be ≥ 0.3MPa. Non toxic, non corrosive to metal. The content of combustible and moisture is very little, so it is easy to be processed and formed.


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For the requirements of the protective layer, in order to use it reliably for a long time, a protective layer is usually added outside the thermal insulation layer, and the requirements for the protective layer are as follows:


1) Good waterproof performance.

2) Good compressive strength, generally no less than 80MPa, not easy to burn.

3) The thermal conductivity at 50 ℃ shall not exceed 0.33w / 

4) In case of temperature change or vibration, it is not easy to crack or peel.

5) There are few combustibles or organics, which should not be more than 10% in general.


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Company Type Manufacture factory SGS Audit supplier

1. High load capacity Cood anti-wearing

2. Low coefficients of friction
3.Good heat conductivity

4. High corrosion resistance
5.Long life and maintenance-free

6.No contaminant by oil or grease

Process Centrifugal casting,sand casting,Machining,Injection
Quality assurance 2D Projector, Height Gague,Micrometer,Roughness Tester,
CCD Autimatic Testing Machine CCD,Callipers
Tolerance Roundness::+/- 0.01mm.
Flatness:+/- 0.005mm.
Height and length:+/- 0.01mm.


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