Opening Copper Bushing Easy To Smooth Maintain And Repair On Sale

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SEAMOUNT
Certification: ISO, CE
Model Number: OEM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden case
Delivery Time: 5-30 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50000KG per month
Material: Brass, Bronze,tin Bronze, Lead Bronze,etc Processing Type: Centrifugal Casting
Feature: Anti-erosion,Anti-abrasion,Load Capacity Weight: Based On The Model
QC Control: 100% Inspect By Us ,accept The Third Party Inspect Lead Time: According To Required Time
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copper pipe bushing


slide bush bearing

Opening Copper Bushing Easy To Smooth Maintain And Repair On Sale

Product description

Copper sleeve is also known as copper bearing. It is a component used in sliding and rotating machinery to reduce friction, drive thrust and support fixation. The copper sleeve needs to be lubricated with oil. The copper sleeve is also made of various copper alloys to lubricate the mechanical parts. Self lubricating copper sleeve needs oil lubrication. Graphite copper sleeve, no need for oil lubrication. Copper sleeve can be used in all kinds of large and heavy machinery, and it is an important component of machinery.

There are also common raw materials for making copper shaft sleeve: tin bronze, aluminum bronze, brass, phosphor bronze, etc. the casting methods are divided into: metal casting model, precision casting, centrifugal casting, sand casting.

Material recommendation


It can be used to make wear-resistant parts such as bushes, gears, worm gears, etc. which work under medium load and rotating speed of non-ferrous metals.


It is a typical Tin Phosphorus Bronze with high hardness and wear resistance. It can be used to manufacture parts which work under heavy load, high speed and high temperature and suffer strong friction. Such as connecting rod bush, gear, worm gear, etc.


Aluminum bronze has high strength, high density and stable chemical properties. Commonly used in valve body, worm gear, nut, pipe fittings, etc.


High strength aluminum brass has the highest strength among special brass. It has high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, moderate plasticity and good corrosion resistance.


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Product function 

1. fixation

There are many other functions of copper sleeve, for example: it is a multi-faceted expert, which can not only shock absorption, but also anti-corrosion, and can be isolated from toxic media, increasing the service life of bearings. However, it is mainly used for sliding bearing. It can bear more load with bearing, and it is the best partner for mechanical parts, especially for large and heavy machines. In order to make the gear shaft not offset due to vibration when it moves, it needs to use copper sleeve to fix it.

2. Sliding bearing

Therefore, the important role of copper sleeve in the machine is to fix and position.This is another function of copper sleeve in machinery. In order to reduce expenses and save costs, sliding bearing is needed at this time, and copper sleeve just has this function. It mainly designs the thickness of the sleeve according to the axial direction of the bearing. In fact, the copper sleeve is a kind of sliding bearing. When the mechanical rotation is relatively low and the clearance requirements are relatively high, the copper sleeve can be used to replace the rolling bearing for operation. Copper sleeve has wear resistance and can be used for a long time, so to a large extent, it can help to save costs.


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Xinxiang Haishan Machinery Co.,Ltd

(copper foundry)
Type of enterprise (private/state) Private
Date of establishment Year of 2001

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XinxiangHaishan Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture of copper casting engaged in the producing and processing and sales of the bushings,shaft,bowl linear,copper nut,worm gear,copper bar,crusher spare parts, aluminum casting

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