Professional Oil Free Self-Lubricating Graphite Bearing Flanged Bronze Bearing

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Professional Oil Free Self-Lubricating Graphite Bearing Flanged Bronze Bearing


Product description

Graphite copper sleeve is a kind of self-lubricating copper sleeve with high-strength copper alloy as the matrix and graphite as the lubricant. It is also called by customers as copper sleeve with black spots. This new product can completely replace the traditional copper sleeve with lubricating effect through oil tank filling method.


The copper sleeve processed by our factory has the following characteristics

1, There is no need to add additional lubricating oil or grease as a lubricant.

2, It can operate normally under the high temperature of 300 ° without burning tile or shaft.

3, The graphite copper sleeve itself does not need to open an oil groove, and the oil film formed by the graphite embedded in the base plays a self-lubricating role in the operation process, and can protect the shaft from being pulled.

4, It has strong compressive capacity, high load, high hardness and low friction coefficient.

5, High precision, good running in performance.

6, It is suitable for reciprocating, rotating, swinging and intermittent motion and other occasions where oil film is difficult to form.

7.The graphite copper sleeve has good load and wear resistance

Under the condition of boundary lubrication, the graphite copper sleeve can keep oil-free for a long time, and add oil to the oil layer to prolong the bearing life;

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At present, graphite copper sleeve has been widely used in construction machinery, metallurgy machinery, mining machinery, locomotive support, rolling equipment, ship machinery, mold equipment, textile machinery, gas turbine and other low-speed heavy-duty, high-speed light load and other occasions.


Oil free bearing is divided into solid inlaid bearing, composite bearing, oil bearing and new single lubricating material from product structure:

1. Solid inlaid bearing

It is common to embed solid lubricating materials such as graphite (black lead), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), molybdenum disulfide into alloy materials such as high-strength brass, tin bronze, aluminum bronze, cast iron or GCr15 by inlaying process. It breaks through the limitation that the general sliding bearing relies on oil film lubrication. In the process of using, the solid lubrication and the shaft are rubbed by the friction heat, forming the excellent condition of oil and powder coexisting lubrication, which not only protects the shaft from wear, but also makes the solid lubrication characteristic eternal. The hardness, wear resistance and bearing capacity of high-strength brass are twice as high as that of common copper sleeve.

2. Composite bearing

The common composite bearing is composed of two layers of steel plate and copper powder layer (bimetal), or three layers of steel plate, copper powder layer and self-lubricating material (PTFE, peek, POM) + filling material. The self-lubricating material is bonded to the steel plate by high temperature sintering process, which not only ensures the friction and wear performance of the product working surface, but also ensures the structural stability and bearing capacity of the bearing.

3. Oil bearing

Oil bearing is made of metal material. When it is made, oil is added to the bearing and the lubricating oil is sealed in the bearing. When it is used, the effect of "self lubrication" is realized without adding oil. As the bearing contains oil lubricating oil, it has good lubricity and avoids the work of oil filling maintenance.

4. New single lubricating material bearing

New single lubricating material bearings are commonly used in resin, ceramics, tungsten carbide bearings and so on, and new materials are constantly developed, but such bearings may have high cost, narrow application surface and other characteristics, which can not be widely promoted to replace rolling bearings.

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Product details:



1. High load capacity Cood anti-wearing

2. Low coefficients of friction
3.Good heat conductivity

4.High corrosion resistance
5.Long life and maintenance-free

6.No contaminant by oil or grease

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