Customized Processing Copper Slide Plate Easy Cutting CE Certificated

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SEAMOUNT
Certification: ISO, CE
Model Number: OEM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden case
Delivery Time: 5-30 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50000KG per month
Processing Type: Centrifugal Casting Lead Time: According To Required Time
QC Control: 100% Inspect By Us ,accept The Third Party Inspect Feature: Anti-erosion,Anti-abrasion,Load Capacity
Item: Copper Slide Block Size: Non-standard Customization
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copper sheet plate


perforated copper plate

Customized Processing High Precision Copper Slide Plate For Machine


Product description

The Copper Slide Plate is a mold component, The Copper Slide Plate is widely included. The copper plate and friction plate we often mention belong to the Copper Slide Plate Its main feature is wear resistance. Then we must choose the material with good wear resistanceand the material itself has appropriate hardness, wear resistance, and enough to withstand the friction of movement. Therefore, today we will discuss whether the slider should be made of brass or stainless steel.

1. First of all, the slider needs good wear resistance, and brass is more wear-resistant than stainless steel. Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc. Brass made of copper and zinc is called common brass. If brass is made of more than two elements, it is called special brass. Brass has a very strong wear resistance.

2. The hardness of stainless steel is less than that of brass. Stainless steel is called stainless steel for its resistance to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, water or stainless steel, and acid resistant steel for its resistance to chemical corrosive media such as acid, alkali, salt, etc.

3. Stainless steel is also very strong and durable. It is not easy to oxidize due to corrosion and discoloration. But brass is a copper alloy with zinc as the main element. With good cutting and wear resistance, it is often used to make wear-resistant parts such as bearings, so brass is slightly better in wear-resistant parts.

4. Aluminum bronze has high strength, hardness and wear resistance. It is often used to make gear blank thread and other parts. Aluminum bronze has good corrosion resistance. Aluminum bronze will not produce sparks under impact. It can be used to make non sparking tool materials. It has excellent thermal conductivity and stable rigidity. As a mold material, it will not produce when drawing and rolling stainless steel plate heat exchanger The advantages of die sticking, scratching the workpiece and so on. So aluminum bronze is the material that we often choose for our Copper Slide Plate .


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What is the material of Copper Slide Block ?

Copper slide plate has a high demand for materials, especially in large machinery. Due to the improper selection of materials, the number of skateboard replacement is very frequent, which greatly reduces the production efficiency. Most of the skateboards in large-scale machinery are made of aluminum bronze, among which the good brands are zqal10-3, zqal9-4-2, zqsn10-1, followed by the high-grade brand brass, such as zcuzn26al6fe3m3. Although the price is low, the service life is shortened, the replacement frequency is obviously increased, and the comprehensive cost is relatively high.

It is usually made of bronze, wear-resistant alloy and other wear-resistant materials, including tin bronze and lead bronze. Bronze has good fatigue strength, capacitance resistance and wear resistance.


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Quality assurance 2D Projector, Height Gague,Micrometer,Roughness Tester,
CCD Autimatic Testing Machine CCD,Callipers
Tolerance Roundness::+/- 0.01mm.
Flatness:+/- 0.005mm.
Height and length:+/- 0.01mm.

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