Heterosexual Flanged C93700 Bronze Bushings Stable Performance

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SEAMOUNT
Certification: ISO, CE
Model Number: OEM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden case
Delivery Time: 5-30 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50000KG per month
Size: OEM Standard Size QC Control: 100% Inspect By Us ,accept The Third Party Inspect
Item: Provide High Customized Corrosion-Resistant Tin Bronze Flange Sleeve Bearings Shipping Ways: By Courier,by Air Or By Sea
Specification: Full Sizes And Customized Operating Characteristic: High Temperature
Dimension: As The Drawing Color: Picture Color
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sintered bronze bushing


bronze flanged bushings

Heterosexual Flanged C93700 Bronze Bushings Stable Performance

Product description

Copper bushing is used for mechanical parts to achieve the functions of sealing, wear protection and other supporting parts. The use flexibility of bushing is relatively high, and it can play a lot of roles. Generally speaking, bushing is a kind of parts for equipment protection. The use of the bushing can reduce the wear, vibration and noise of the equipment, and has the effect of anti-corrosion. The use of bushing can also facilitate the maintenance of mechanical equipment, simplify the structure and manufacturing process of the equipment.

This paper introduces the copper sleeve material, its characteristics and working principle.

1. Zcuzn38mn2pb2: it has good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and cutting performance.

2. Zcusn10pb5: corrosion resistant, especially for dilute sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and fatty acid. Structural materials, corrosion-resistant and acid resistant accessories, as well as crusher bushing and bearing bush.

3. Zcusn10pb1: it has high hardness, excellent wear resistance, is not easy to produce the phenomenon of seizing, has good casting performance and machining performance, and has good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water.

4. Zcupb15sn8: under the condition of lack of lubricant and water quality lubricant, it has good sliding and self-lubricating performance, easy cutting, poor casting performance and good corrosion resistance to dilute sulfuric acid.

5. ZCuPb10Sn10: good lubrication, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, suitable for bimetal casting materials. Bearing for vehicle, copper bearing bush of internal combustion engine with load peak value of 100MPa, piston pin sleeve, friction plate, etc.

6. Zcuzn25al6fe3mn3 high strength aluminum brass has the highest strength among special brass. It has high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, moderate plasticity and good corrosion resistance. Therefore, it can be used to cast heavy machinery with high load and wear-resistant weight

7. Zcual9mn2, zcual9fe4 and aluminum bronze have high strength, high density and stable chemical properties. Commonly used in valve body, worm gear, nut, pipe fittings, etc.

8. ZCuSn10P1 is a typical Tin Phosphorus Bronze with high hardness and wear resistance. It can be used to manufacture parts under heavy load, high speed and high temperature, which are subject to strong friction, such as connecting rod bush, gear, worm gear, etc.


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Product details:

Company Type Manufacture factory SGS Audit supplier
Material Brass, Tin bronze, Lead bronze,Aluminum bronze,ect
Standard ISO 2008,SGS,CE

1. High load capacity Cood anti-wearing

2. Low coefficients of friction
3.Good heat conductivity

4. High corrosion resistance
5.Long life and maintenan

ce-free 6.No contaminant by oil or grease

Process Centrifugal casting,sand casting,Machining,Injection
Quality assurance 2D Projector, Height Gague,Micrometer,Roughness Tester,
CCD Autimatic Testing Machine CCD,Callipers
Tolerance Roundness::+/- 0.01mm.
Flatness:+/- 0.005mm.
Height and length:+/- 0.01mm.
Lead time According to required time


Product description;

The copper sleeve is characterized by high hardness, excellent wear resistance, not easy to produce the phenomenon of

seizing, good casting performance and machining performance of cutting cylinder earring copper sleeve, and good corrosion

resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water. It can be used for wear-resistant parts working under high load (below 20MPa)

and high sliding speed (8m / s), such as connecting rod, Bush, bearing bush, gear, worm gear, etc.

Features of copper sleeve:

Compressive capacity: the compressive capacity of the copper sleeve is also relatively good. The surface pressure of the copper sleeve of agricultural machinery is very large, which can well bear the side pressure of the bearing. In the case of high load pressure, the copper sleeve can also be operated, which is suitable for the situation of low speed and heavy load.


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