CNC Milling Machine Cone Crusher Spare Parts Ball Bearing And Thrust Bearing

Basic Information
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: SeaMount
Certification: CE
Model Number: OEM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1/piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden case
Delivery Time: 7-30days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, MoneyGram,
Supply Ability: 500000kg/month
Weight: Based On The Model Processing: CNC Machining
Customized: As Drawing Material: Brass, Bronze
Cu%: 82 HB: 635
High Light:

CNC Cone Crusher Spare Parts


CNC Cone Crusher Ball Bearing


CNC Cone Crusher Thrust Bearing

CNC Milling Machine Cone Crusher Parts Ball Bearing And Thrust Bearing

Production description​:

Ball bearing is one of the important parts of grinding machine. It has large bearing weight, special structure requirements, special machining surface, simple and practical requirements.

Product parameters


High load capacity Cood anti-wearing

2. Low coefficients of friction
3. Good heat conductivity

4. High corrosion resistance
5. Long life and maintenance-free

6. No contaminant by oil or grease

Process Centrifugal casting,sand casting,Machining,Injection
Quality assurance 2D Projector, Height Gague,Micrometer,Roughness Tester,
CCD Autimatic Testing Machine CCD,Callipers
Tolerance Roundness::+/- 0.01mm.
Flatness:+/- 0.005mm.
Height and length:+/- 0.01mm.


Product function :

The ball mill is a common ball mill in metallurgy, coal, mining, power generation, building materials and other industries. Its support in heavy load and high time is essential. Two static 120 ° spherical tiles hold hundreds of tons of rotating simplified body and contents, so the spherical tiles have the reputation of "sliding bearing". In terms of the whole machinery, the spherical tiles play an important role

① The supporting function of the spherical pad connects the main bearing and the rotating cylinder of several hundred tons, which requires the spherical pad to have high compressive strength, so the material selection of the spherical pad (PAD) is also very important;

② The shell on the surface of the spherical tile is a rotating body, and the hollow shaft at both ends of the shell is in sliding friction contact with the tile surface. Although there is lubricating oil on the contact surface, the wear reduction effect of the spherical tile is still very high

Application field:

axial thrust bearing ring is the spare part of the machine, which is applied in many industries and departments such as diesel engine, automobile, agricultural machinery, hydraulic machinery, machine tool, forestry machinery, engineering machinery, mine, railway, ship, petrochemical machinery, die-casting machine, metallurgy equipment, food packaging machinery, textile, light industrial machinery, aviation, weapons, etc All kinds of machinery.

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Instructions for inquiry:

1. Drawing: you only need to provide one of the drawing, drawing number, sketch and sample. (these are the premise of our service to you, and also the important standard to facilitate your acceptance of the workpiece after we do it well, so you must provide.)

2. Quantity: you need to customize the number of artifacts. (the more quantity, the more favorable price

3. Material: the material requirements of the workpiece; (is it a national standard or an enterprise standard or an export American Standard, please indicate that these will affect the price to a great extent!)

4. Duration: This is also an important information. If you need it urgently, it will increase the manufacturing cost. Generally, the manufacturing cycle of castings is 8 days.

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