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Copper casting process

March 27, 2020

Common casting techniques of copper sleeve


1. Precision casting, which is a technique of using melting mold and high function mold shell (mold) to cast non cutting or less cutting castings with higher size and lower surface roughness.


2. Metal mold copper casting. It is a skill of using metal mold to improve the cooling speed of castings, completing multiple castings in one mold and obtaining castings with dense crystal layout.


3. Die casting. It is the premise of filling and crystal agglutination of the transformed liquid alloy, the skill of filling mold under high pressure and high speed, and creating and crystallizing under high pressure to obtain tight copper casting.


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4. Dissipative copper casting. It is a combination of foam moulds, and the size and style of foam moulds are similar to those of castings, thus creating a mold family. After the fire-resistant coating is brushed and dried, it is embedded in quartz sand and vibrated, and then liquid metal is poured to evaporate the mold under certain premise. The technique of holding the molten metal in a mold position and producing the required castings after the molten metal has agglomerated and cooled.

5. Centrifugal cast copper sleeve. It is a skill for copper to cast extra castings (square rings, tubes, barrels and sleeves) through the use of centripetal force and through the filling mould and agglutination premise of transforming liquid alloy.


6. Copper casting. This is a kind of useful manufacturing technique for copper casting pipes and ingots under the premise of continuous copper casting, agglutination and rapid cooling die cooling.


7. Extrusion and liquid stamping. It is the general disposal skill of copper casting and copper casting