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Self-Lubricating Bearing Manufacturers

April 2, 2020


                  Professional Custom Processing High Wear-Resistant Graphite Copper Bushing


Product description

JDB-650 copper-based solid inlaid self-lubricating bearing combines the wear resistance of copper alloy (ZCuZn24Al6) with the self-lubricating property of solid lubricant, which makes it unnecessary to refuel during maintenance. The products are widely used in high-load, intermittent or rocking motions, such as automobile and motorcycle production lines, hydraulic turbines, reservoir work / accident doors, plastic machinery, etc. According to the working conditions, various types of copper alloys can be provided.

Graphite copper bushing  features:

Self-lubricating type, greatly improving the life of the copper sleeve.

Beautiful, more beautiful.

Haishan Mechanical Graphite Copper Sleeve is based on high-strength copper alloy as the basic material. According to the operating conditions, a certain proportion of holes are machined on its working surface and filled with solid lubricants. The high-strength copper alloy provides a high bearing capacity and solid Lubricants can form lower friction pairs. Under dry friction conditions, we design a pre-lubrication film on the bearing surface to ensure that the solid lubricant is transferred to the counterpart in a short time and an effective solid lubrication film is formed.


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Material performance analysis

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Product application

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